Wesley So bounced back from a comprehensive defeat in the opening game to win the $100,000 Skilling Open online chess tournament and spoilt the 30th birthday celebration of Magnus Carlsen on Monday.

After the players drew the first rapid set of the final by winning their games from the white side on Sunday, Carlsen returned to take the lead in the opening game, with black pieces, without giving So any chance.

But in the second, the World champion was punished for a poor bishop-move on the 17th turn and soon, the score stood at 1-1. As So said later, “I felt very lucky today. I felt when Magnus won the first game he was just on fire today, he’s just going to crush me, but then he somehow gave me the second game.

In the third game, So moved to a better position until he blundered on the 18th move to temporarily give Carlsen a decisive edge. But Carlsen could not find the important…

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