When Harris English won the Tournament of Champions last week, it was not a surprise to those who have followed professional golf closely for the past few years. English completely revamped his career trajectory following a trip to the Korn Ferry Tour Championship at the end of 2019 and ripped off four top 10s in six events to end the fall on the PGA Tour.

That he didn’t win in 2020 was hardly the point. English played at a top-10 level in the world for most of the year. How do we determine that he played at a top-10 level in the world? Data Golf has a neat tool that shows that top 10 players in the world are about 1.75 strokes per round (or 7 strokes per tournament) better than the PGA Tour average. English lived here (or higher) for all of 2020, and when you live in that zip code long enough, wins usually start…

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