Viswanathan Anand was stretched a bit, as was Koneru Humpy.

They had to be in front of their computers for well over a couple of hours, dividing their attention to some 20 games. It proved time well spent though, as the COVID-19 fund-raiser by India’s top chess players proved a resounding success.

More than Rs. 37 lakh ($50,555) was collected by the simultaneous online games featuring five of India’s brightest minds on Thursday night. Dronavalli Harika, Nihal Sarin and R. Praggnanandhaa were the others.

Anand played 22 games – he won 19 and drew three – while the rest played 20 each. Humpy won 17 of her games and drew three, while Praggnanandhaa won all his 20 games. Nihal also seemed on course for a cent per cent record, but had to settle for a draw in his last game.

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The event was organised by, which was surprised…

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