They loved calling him “gutsy” and “solid” at the crease. But Yashpal Sharma did not appreciate it one bit. He maintained, “I can also play shots and I can score at a faster pace. But I am often assigned a role which I stick to. If that means I have to go and sleep at the crease, I don’t mind. I have to play for my team. Simple. But I have been more than just gutsy.”

We had countless conversations around his batting and his relevance to the scheme of things. And Yashpal always came across a cricketer who did not seem happy being referred to as just “gutsy.” He was particularly angry at being denied recognition for his contributions at the World Cup. He made friends reluctantly but once he did, there was no better person than Yashpal to look up to.

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His death left some of his 1983 teammates shocked, some…

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